At Cara Napoli B&B we are available to arrange a tour at your convenience to visit Naples.
The property is located just few steps from the ancient city centre, so you can reach Corso Umberto I, a famous road known for its shops and historical buildings, such as Palazzo della Borsa (XIX century) and the University Federico II (XII century). Then you can walk along Duomo street, where you can visit the cathedral (XIV century), San Gregorio Armeno street and Spaccanapoli street, which divides the city in two parts.
Also you can admire the Maschio Angioino Castle (XII century), Plebiscito square, the Royal Palace (XIX century), San Carlo theater (XVII century) and Umberto I Gallery (XVIII century), which are located two kilometers far from Cara Napoli B&B.
It is possible, with the help of our staff, to develop several tours for these and other tourist attractions; furthermore, you can arrange also guided tours if you book it at least a week before.

Following there are some of the most required city tour by our customers:


B&B Cara Napoli – Napoli sotterranea

(1,7 km) – Metro Line 1/Line 2 – Bus 202


Public transportation can reach the ancient city centre up to some extent then you will need to walk. Napoli sotterranea (underground Naples) can be reached through Via Tribunali. As for the public transportation, there are two options: the first one is to go to the Central Railway Station (in Piazza Garibaldi), take the Metro Line 2 towards Pozzuoli, get of at Piazza Cavour and then walk for about 10 minutes. The second option is to take the Metro Line 1 towards Piscinola, at the same Central Railway Station, get off at Piazza Dante and then walk for about 5 minutes.


B&B Cara Napoli – City Sightseeing Napoli (Piazza Municipio)

(2,5 km) – Metro Line 1 – Bus 202/R2


These buses perform panoramic tours through the most beautiful and historical parts of the city. Tickets can be purchased directly on board. Reaching the bus station is very simple, just walk through the Corso Umberto until Piazza Municipio.
You can also reach the destination by bus or by the Metro Line 1 – towards Piscinola at the Central Railway Station (in Piazza Garibaldi) that stops right in Piazza Municipio.


B&B Cara Napoli – Lungomare di Napoli

(3,5 km) – Metro Line 2 – Bus 202/R2


Naples’ seafront is among the most beautiful ones in the world along which you can admire Castel dell’Ovo and the various monuments that coast it. Reach it is very simple either on foot or with public transportation. Once in Piazza Municipio, just walk for another 500 meters and cross Piazza Plebiscito. Furthermore it is possible to reach the seafront by the Metro Line 2 at the Central Railway Station (Piazza Garibaldi), getting off at Mergellina then walking for 100 meters.


B&B Cara Napoli – Vesuvio

(24,4 km) – A/3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria – Train to Salerno – Special Bus

Vesuvius, Naples city’s symbol, is reachable by car or by public transportation. Head towards Corso Meridionale and then continue on Via E. Gianturco towards Via Galileo Ferraris. Therefore take the motorway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria on Via Argine. After approximately 6 km take the exit for Ercolano. Then follow Via Cupa Monti until Via Vesuvio and continue on Contrada Osservatorio for about 9,4 Km until Ottaviano. If you don’t fancy to drive, our staff will be happy to show you the bus services and special shuttles.


B&B Cara Napoli – Via Toledo

(3,2 km) – Metro Line 1 – Bus 202/201

Via Toledo is one of main streets of the city, it is famous for its historical shops and for and the proximity to some of the most popular cultural places such as Piazza Dante, Piazza Plebiscito, the Spanish Quarters etc. The easiest way to reach it is through Corso Umberto I. Once left the B&B, by Via Venezia, go to Corso G. Garibaldi and walk until Piazza Garibaldi. Then turn into Corso Umberto I. Surpassed Piazza Bovio, turn right in Via Monteoliveto, subsequently Via S. Anna dei Lombardi and, when completed, you will reach the destination. You can also reach Via Toledo by the Metro Line 1 and get off at Toledo.


B&B Cara Napoli – Cimitero delle Fontanelle

(3,4 km) – On foot – Bus from Sanità Square

The Fontanelle cemetery is one of the main places of attraction for tourists from around the world and it is located in the heart of one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, the Sanità Quarter. Reach it is very simple and it requires about 15 minutes of walk (we recommend without car). Once left the B&B, continue on Via Venezia towards Corso G. Garibaldi and after about 300 meters take Via Cesare Rosaroll and go straight towards Via Foria. Then turn right in Via Sanità and continue until Via Fontanelle, subsequently Via Vallone dei Gerolomini.


B&B Cara Napoli – Teatro San Carlo

(3,5 km) – Metro Line 1 – Bus 202/R2

The San Carlo Theater of Naples is home to many of the most famous works in the world and is not unusual, during one of our stays, to assist at a first play. To reach it just head to the Corso G. Garibaldi and, once in Piazza Garibaldi, turn into Corso Umberto I. Up to Piazza Bovio, take Via Guglielmo Sanfelice until Piazza Municipio. Cross the square, pass next to the majestic Maschio Angioino and you will reach Via San Carlo where the theater is located.


B&B Cara Napoli – Cappella Sansevero

(1,8 km) – Bus 202

The Sansevero Chapel is located in the heart of the city, between the story of Spaccanapoli and the cribs of Via San Gregorio Armeno, just inside the Decumani
and is home to some of the major artistic masterpieces of Naples, including il Cristo Velato. Reaching it requires walking for about 20 minutes. Once left the B&B, continue towards Via Milano, than take Vico Venezia, cross the Corso Garibaldi and Via C. Rosaroll, turn right for Piazza Enrico de Nicola. Take Via Tribunali on the right and continue until crossroad with Via del Sole, that turn left and after about 500 meters you will reach your destination.


B&B Cara Napoli – Certosa di San Martino

(6,2 km) – Metro Line 1 – Bus R2 + Funicular

The Certosa of San Martino is located on the hill of Vomero from which you can see the entire Gulf of Naples. You can reach it crossing the Corso G. Garibaldi and continuing on all Via Cesare Rosaroll. At the end of the road, turn left in Via Foria and continue until crossroad with Museo Nazionale and than turn right and immediately turn left to take Via Salvator Rosa. Continue in the same direction for about 3,2 kilometres towards Largo S. Martino. You can reach the Certosa easily with public transportation through the Metro Line 1, get off at Vanvitelli and continue on foot for about 700 meters.


B&B Cara Napoli – Museo Nazionale

(2,1 km) – Metro Line 2

The National Museum often hosts exhibitions, sometimes for free, and it has historical/natural collections including important remains of well preserved mummies. Once left the B&B, head to the Corso G. Garibaldi passing by Via Venezia. Take Via Casanova and turn right in Via Cesare Rosaroll. Continue until Via Foria and after about 1,5 Km, towards Piazza Cavour, you will arrive at your destination. You can easily reach the museum with the Metro Line 2 at the Central Railway Station in Piazza Garibaldi and get off to Museo.



B&B Cara Napoli – Museo di Capodimonte

(4,9 km) – Bus C66/255


Capodimonte’s Museum is located in a large forest used as park.
Inside there are many historical relics and artefacts of great artistic importance including the famous ceramics. Left the B&B just take the Corso Novara and reach Via Arenaccia and when you get in Piazza Ottocalli, keep left. After that, continue in Via Nicola Nicolini and than Via Ponti Rossi. After about 2,5 kilometers, you will coast the forest in which you can enter through different doors. The first is the most convenient for those who want to visit the museum.


 centro storico
B&B Cara Napoli – Centro storico (Piazza del Gesù Nuovo – Monastero di Santa Chiara)

(3,0 km) – Metro Line 1 – Bus 202

centro storico

You can reach the old city exclusively on foot, instead public transportation can be useful up to a point. Two of the most charming places to visit are the monastery of Santa Chiara and the square and the Church of Gesù Nuovo, very close to one another. Once left the B&B, walk through Corso G. Garibaldi and Piazza G. Garibaldi, than go to Corso Umberto I and, once you get to Piazza Nicola Amore, turn right towards Via Duomo. After about 200 meters turn left in Via S. Biagio dei Librai and continue for about 700 meters. After a bath of history in the heart of the historic center of Naples you will first reach the monastery and then Gesù Nuovo Square. Alternatively, you can take the Metro Line 1 and get off at Dante Station, then continue in Portalba, in Via Tribunali and after about 500 meters you will arrive at your destination.


B&B Cara Napoli – Main Islands (Capri – Ischia)

(32,7 km – Capri) (56,7 km – Ischia) – Ferry


The largest islands are one of the favourite destinations of tourists and they are also one of the most easily accessible places from our B&B. Indeed the port is located less than 3 km and can reach the islands of Capri and Ischia in a couple of hours. In this way you can go and come back in the same day comfortably. Once left the B&B, walk through Corso G. Garibaldi, Piazza G. Garibaldi, take the Corso Umberto I and continue until Piazza Nicola Amore then turn left in Via Duomo. After Via Duomo you will arrive in Via Nuova Marina, than turn right to reverse direction and you will reach the port. In the port there are different directions to the various piers. Another way to reach the islands is by ship from Pozzuoli. This way is recommended when you want to go to Ischia and spend a day of leisure.


B&B Cara Napoli – Sorrento – Costiera Amalfitana

(52,7 km – Sorrento) (73,3 km – Amalfi) – A/3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria – Metro Line 2 – Train to Salerno


Starting from Sorrento, passing for the Amalfi Coast, until you get to Vietri sul mare, you can see postcard views famous all over the world. Both destinations require the ring road and an hour and a half trip, but it’s worth it. From B&B head to the Corso Meridionale and then take Via Emanuele Gianturco and continue for about circa 3 km. After that take the Tangential and continue for about 27 km until Pompei Scavi and follow the signs to Penisola Sorrentina and take the exit of Castellamare di Stabia for Sorrento, instead continue on the motorway A3 and take the exit of Vietri sul Mare for Amalfi, along the coast.


B&B Cara Napoli – Pompei and Ercolano

(27,7 km – Pompei) (13,5 km – Ercolano) – A/3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria – Metro Line 2 – Train to Salerno


If you are staying in Naples certainly cannot miss a visit to the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Many trains for the two cities leave from the station of Piazza G. Garibaldi, but we suggest going there by car because it is more convenient and fast for this trip. Once left the B&B, take the Corso Meridionale and then Via Emanuele Gianturco and follow it for about 3 km. After that, take the Tangential towards Portici and within half an hour you can reach both destinations.